Remember me? Cryo, your jellyfish bot


Image credited to Amanda Loman/Virginia Tech

I was born into this world as an autonomous bot when students at the Virginia Tech engineering college created and unveiled me last year. I can collect store and communicate sensory data (read the entire announcement of my arrival here!).

My brother RobotJelly and I are part of a $5 million project funded by the U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Office of Naval Research. We would not be here if not for biomimicry– we’re inspired by nature, by the lightness and mobility of a jellyfish in water.

In turn, I may soon help you folks know more about your oceans water bodies, help you clean up oil spills, and perform a lot of other monitoring and surveillance tasks. Earth Technling wrote about us, on how we’re here to stand guard over oceans.


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